Monday, December 22, 2014

Estelle and Harriet Visit

Beth and Keith braved traveling with two young kids to come and see us a couple of weekends ago. Even though it is chaotic to have five young kids with five different schedules under one roof, I loved being with them. In keeping with our tradition of getting together this time of the year, Malia and Davey came down with a stomach bug halfway through their visit :(  Beth and I had high hopes of getting pictures of all five kids together but instead this is all I have...

 Estelle and Davey doing a puzzle. Malia and Davey loved playing with Estelle (which might have made Naomi a bit jealous).

 Harriet wearing her leggings on her head.

 This sweet thing did not like to sleep at my house, but was amazingly pleasant most of the time.

And this is what happens when you try to force a picture of the five of them before they head off to the airport... just keeping it real here folks!

Dreaming of future visits where kids sleep well and no one gets sick...

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