Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pepperoni Bread and Surviving the Terrible Twos

Before Christmas, Malia and Davey helped me make pepperoni bread (which was a favorite of mine growing up).

We convinced Naomi to roll out play dough instead of real dough while we made the bread.

Speaking of Naomi, we have been encountering issues associated with what some would call the terrible twos. Our cute little lady has a strong opinion on almost everything... she wants Daddy to put on her jacket not Mommy (or vice versa depending on the hour), she wants this granola bar not the identical one next to it. She does not like to share much these days and is guilty of frequently sabotaging her sisters play. It is exhausting to parent all of this because it is so constant.

But she does have moments of sweetness and she definitely makes us laugh a lot. We have survived the terrible twos twice and are determined to do it again!

I mean how can we stay upset with this face?

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