Monday, January 26, 2015


2.5 years ago today, we first laid eyes on Naomi. She was just a bit over 4 pounds, but was as sweet as can be. She captured our hearts from that first day. 

She adds a lot of joy to our family and is constantly making us laugh with her big personality and unique sense of style. Her are two pictures that display this.

 Last week she insisted on wearing a swim cap and goggles... even to her nap.

And on a nighttime walk around the block, she was wearing a frog costume, with a pink jacket on top, an owl hat and what she calls tiger socks.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wild West Show

Last Sunday night we attended a Wild West Show. We saw many things I have never seen before including...

 ... teenagers standing and riding two horses at the same time...

 ... over flames.

We also saw some great rope tricks and other stunts done while riding horses.

 Here are some of the longhorns that I was afraid were going to trample us the week before at the parade.

 Naomi (squint) smiling for the camera.

 Cowboy cousins.

When asked to join the cousin picture, Naomi declined and gave me this face.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Room Switch Up

Two weeks ago we had a big switch up in our house. Somehow it was the girls idea too. 

We had been meaning to move Naomi out of her crib because she could climb out of it, but were waiting to get through the holidays and guests. Malia has really been wanting her own room for awhile (Davey and her have shared for the last 3 years). Davey does not like to be alone and wants a roommate. 

So they figured out that Naomi should move to Malia's bed in the room with Davey and Malia should move to the guest bed we had in the crib room.

We agreed. The transition has had some hardships, but also has created a sweeter relationship between Davey and Naomi. The first couple of mornings they snuggled (according to Davey) before coming to wake us up. They have been playing more together too which has been a welcomed change.

Having a puppet tea party.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stock Show Parade

A couple weeks ago we rode the train downtown with the kids to watch the Stock Show Parade. The most impressive part of the parade was probably herd of Texas Longhorns that led off the parade. I did not take any pictures of that though because I was kneeling down by the children trying to come up with a plan to protect them if one came our direction.

Sweet sisters... Davey and Naomi have been bonding lately (more on that later).

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Davey's Socks

Someone gave Davey a dollar for her birthday. Then last month she earned her first two dollars for chores around the house. Last week we were at the store and she spotted some socks that she wanted. I told her she could spend her money on them if she wanted (this is the first time she has had money to spend). She went for it and I have to say I think it was $3 well spent!

I mean aren't those fantastic socks!

While I was taking the pictures of Davey's socks, Naomi insisted I take a picture of her socks too :)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mimi and Papa visit

My parents came in town last weekend. While we did keep up our tradition of being sick while they visited (good old flu), we also were able to mix in some great memories.

 Opening a few Christmas presents.

 Making bread with Papa.

 Malia started playing Catan Jr. right after Christmas and a week later played her first big Catan game with Andrew and my dad.

 Mimi made us cinnamon rolls.

Mimi reading to all three before bedtime.

It was good and bad that we got sick while they were here. Andrew and I both slept a ton and so it was really nice to have extra adults around to take care of the kids! I am still hopeful though that we will have a visit with my family in the coming years where we all will be healthy.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015


Over break...

 Andrew and the girls made some homemade pasta noodles...

 The girls enjoyed coloring and playing in this cardboard house.

We brought in the New Year with some of our favorite girls (and their parents).

We made (and spilled) a lot of Perler bead creations.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Miss Personality

Naomi is constantly finding new ways to bring smiles to our faces. 

The other day she was upstairs and quiet for awhile and I assumed the worst. But when I went upstairs I found this...

 ..she was just rocking out on her guitar.

She is also enjoying sporting her "baba" as a skirt these days as well as these tank tops that were handed down to us recently.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Lego Experience

Christmas break is officially over. Our family really enjoyed having Andrew off for 12 days straight. It is such a treat to have so much time with all 5 of us together.

One day we went to the Wildlife Experience nearby to check out their Lego exhibit about transportation. It was small, but the girls enjoyed it still.