Friday, January 23, 2015

Room Switch Up

Two weeks ago we had a big switch up in our house. Somehow it was the girls idea too. 

We had been meaning to move Naomi out of her crib because she could climb out of it, but were waiting to get through the holidays and guests. Malia has really been wanting her own room for awhile (Davey and her have shared for the last 3 years). Davey does not like to be alone and wants a roommate. 

So they figured out that Naomi should move to Malia's bed in the room with Davey and Malia should move to the guest bed we had in the crib room.

We agreed. The transition has had some hardships, but also has created a sweeter relationship between Davey and Naomi. The first couple of mornings they snuggled (according to Davey) before coming to wake us up. They have been playing more together too which has been a welcomed change.

Having a puppet tea party.

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