Sunday, February 08, 2015


We are up for recertification for our foster care license in March and with 20 hours of continuing education to complete, we have spent a lot of our spare time in the last month with our noses in books.

At first I was annoyed that I had to read all of these books, but then I realized how valuable the information was to me growing as a parent and I actually became thankful for it.

Above are most of the (non picture!) books I have read in 2015. The top two were read alouds from Malia's Sunlight curriculum that we both loved. The Wheel on the School made me laugh aloud with its clever writing and characters.

The third, The Read-Aloud Handbook I think I actually read in 2014 but I loved it. Maybe I loved it because it is a book full of research and testimonies of how valuable reading aloud to your kids is. That is a big part of the way we already were homeschooling, so it gave me some rationale for why we do what we do.

The fourth, Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew, was given to me by friend Heidi to read. A worthwhile read for any adoptive parent, but warning: it is not really a feel good book.

The fifth, I Love You Rituals, was on the city's recommendation list. It was a good reminder that our kids need our time and our attention more than the latest, greatest _____ (fill in the blank). 

The sixth, When Your Kids Push Your Buttons, was a great tool to help me think through some of my triggers for anger as a parent. While I didn't agree with every idea in the book, it was a very helpful read for me.

Malia loved this biography of George Muller. While I read it to her one day, she decided to build an orphanage like the one that we read about.

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