Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Over the weekend we had the opportunity to spend a night in Copper and put the girls on skis. This was Naomi's first time and she was a champ. It was only Malia and Davey's second time but they did great as well.

 Taking her first magic carpet ride like a pro.

 Pops was great at catching the girls (who haven't learned to stop yet!)

 Emmie is a patient and helpful teacher.

 Taking a break midday and sipping on some hot chocolate. (She loved her ski boots with stars on them and walked surprisingly well in them).

In the afternoon we moved off the magic carpet to a bigger hill complete with a chair lift. After watching Davey and Malia go up and down a couple times, Naomi was ready for her turn (which she loved). This is her and Andrew on the lift.

And here is a video of Naomi skiing down. There is just something cute (and ridiculous) about a 2 year old on skis.

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