Saturday, April 11, 2015


On Tuesday this week we received THE call. A baby boy, 9 days old, who needed to be placed by Friday. Andrew took the call from our caseworker and as he was relaying the details, my mind was spinning. But there were four words he said that made it really clear that we were supposed to say yes. "His name is Andrew."

Over the next couple of hours, plans were made to have him dropped at our house the following morning. So at 10:30 on Wednesday morning, little Andrew entered our home. 

The last 3 days have been amazing. This little guy, who we are calling Drew, is super sweet and easy going. The girls, especially Davey and Malia, are head over heels with him and literally fight over holding him. 

Andrew and I are so grateful to be out of the waiting stage in into the sleep deprived, overwhelmed stage. We are humbled by God's goodness and excited to love on this little boy. 

Of course the transition has challenges too. The change was sudden and there are lots of details that left us feeling overwhelmed the first few days. But we have incredible support. The boy already has a full wardrobe thanks to Alli and Kendal and I haven't had to cook since he came home.

The biggest adjustment has been for Naomi. Sweet girl is struggling as she processes this change. We have gone through this before with Malia and Davey and yet it is still so hard. Pray for wisdom and patience for us as we try to reassure her of her special place in our family.  

Right now, this is considered foster care. His birth parents still have rights and right now the court is working on a plan for them which will include visits. Only time will tell how this will all play out.

Like with Naomi, we aren't allowed to share pictures of him with his face showing. But I happened to get one of each girl holding him where you can't see his face :)

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