Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The transition to 4 kids has been both easy and hard. We are 3 weeks in now and I feel like things are settling into a new normal. 

We have sorted through a lot of logistics in the past 3 weeks including acquiring and sorting boys clothes, getting out baby gear from our crawl space and changing sleeping arrangements upstairs. Usually this stuff is done during pregnancy, but for us it had to happen with Drew already here. On top of that we have had visits with case workers, lawyers, doctors, paperwork to fill out and phone calls to respond to.

Today warm weather returned and it was lovely. In the afternoon, while Davey was at her preschool, Malia and Naomi enjoyed water beads outside. (You can get them at the dollar store and I highly recommend them for a sensory, fun activity.) It was so good for my heart to get a glimpse of normal again through this simple activity.

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