Sunday, April 12, 2015

Something Beautiful

In the 20 hours between learning about Drew and meeting him, I was really emotional. Part of the emotion was feeling very humbled because we had been waiting a year for this call and I was beginning to doubt if this was really what God had for us. Part of the emotion was gratitude because while we said we would take up to a one year old, in my heart of hearts I wanted another newborn. Part of the emotion was sadness for this little boy and the loss that he had experienced at such a young age. Part of it was mourning our family of 5, knowing that change was inevitable for all of us by adding a member. Part of it was grief over not being able to hold Drew for the first 9 days of his life. Part of the emotion was fear, wondering if I could really be a good mother to 4 kids. And parts of the emotion are still being discovered.

Foster care and adoption are messy. By saying yes to Drew in our home, we are entering into pain and brokenness and vulnerability. But we are also entering into joy and beauty and hope.

In January, Malia joined the children's choir at our church. On Palm Sunday, one of the songs they sang was Steven Curtis Chapman's Something Beautiful. I have been clinging to to the words this week. Here's part of the lyrics.

We know the world got broke when it took the fall
And here we are living in the middle of it all
Longing, waiting for the day when everything's restored
But the best of the beauty that we get to SEE
While we're living down here in this “yet to be”
Is to watch God take the most broken things
And to hear Him say
“When I get through, you're gonna be amazed”

‘Cause I'm gonna turn it into something different
I'm gonna turn it into something good
I'm gonna take all the broken pieces
And make something beautiful like only I could
So put it all in the hands of the Father
Give it up, give it all over to
The only One who can turn it into

Something beautiful
Something beautiful
Something beautiful
Put all the pieces in His hands
And watch Him turn it into something beautiful

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