Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Garage Sale Picks

Our neighborhood had its community sale a couple weeks ago. We ventured out in search of some boy stuff. At one sale, I told Naomi she could pick out a shirt for Drew. She picked out two, which happened to be 2T, and then claimed them for herself.

This shark one says "Here Comes Trouble". She also picked out these Nike's at a resale shop after rejecting the pink Converse that the other girls wore at this age. What can I say, she has style!  She picked out this outfit (who needs pants) and then chose this pose when I asked to take her picture.

 This is the other shirt she picked out at the garage sale. She likes to mimic the tongue hanging out.

I did manage to get Drew some clothes at that sale too. And I also hit up Goodwill on 50% off day where I got the 10 things pictured above for $10! 

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