Tuesday, June 16, 2015

House Update

So our house sold... in 48 hours... for $5,000 more than we were asking. That is how crazy the housing market is out here. We are grateful to not have to keep our house show-ready for longer than a weekend.

Now we are looking for a house. We basically have a week to find one or else we will have to double move (which I really do not want to do). We offered on a house over the weekend but it wasn't accepted because of the contingency of our house selling. And there isn't anything on the market that is tempting right now so we are praying for a house that suits our needs to come available sometime this week.

I am trying not to get overwhelmed by the uncertainty ahead of us but it is hard. I was doing laundry today and was struck by what Malia's VBS shirt said "Unknown to us, known to Him." It exactly what I need to be focusing on. God's in control. Even if a double move is in our future, things could be worse... I could be having to keep my house show ready for months!

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