Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Puppet Class

Kendal and I went to Steamboat solo because our husbands were on a business trip. One night we fed our kids popcorn, chips and eventually ice cream for dinner. They did not mind. 

Before ice cream we visited the local library that was putting on a puppet class. Two Grammy nominated guys, The Pop Ups, talked about puppeteering and then encouraged the kids to make their own. It was a wonderful (and free) event.


 I love how much focus Naomi put into this activity. This picture also shows the outfit she wore half of the week. Her gymnastics (aka 'nastics) with a skirt and a Superman tank and pink shorts underneath.
 With their puppets.

This was Naomi's final puppet (she didn't want to be in the group shot). Lots and lots of pom poms!

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