Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Steamboat Wrap Up

Sometimes when you are in the mountains you...

 ... are introduced to Spike Ball and come up with creative ways to play it.

.... are thrown in the pool by your dad, uncles, and grandpa.

... do gymnastics in the lobby while trying to escape a storm.

 ... race your grandpa through the hallway of your hotel.

... meet a nice man at the end of your hike who lets you sit on his horse.

 ... register your kids for a race before the parade and don't realize how long it is.

 .... watch your kids put on a surprise birthday show.

 ... stomp on bubble wrap to celebrate our country's birthday.

 ... get lots of candy in the parade.

 ... see a fire breathing dragon when you go a couple hours early to the parade to save your family spots.

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