Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lookingglass Alice

Two weeks ago (tomorrow) we closed on our new house. It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks as we gathered our possessions from (what felt like) the four corners of the earth. The basics are unpacked and the garage has enough space for our car to be parked in. So while there is still lots to do, I am feeling more and more settled.

A friend was unable to use 3 tickets she had for a show called Lookingglass Alice and asked if I would be interested in them. I said sure and then was able to get a 4th ticket in the same area because my mom was in town. While Alice in Wonderland is definitely curiouser and curiouser still, it was a fun girls outing and a nice break from unpacking.

Funny story... the actors are fairly interactive with the audience during the show. At one point, Alice came over to Davey and asked if she wanted to have a tea party. Davey, who is super shy in new settings, tried to disappear in her seat. Somehow good manners came out with her shyness and she kindly replied to Alice "No thank you". Alice handled the denial well and kept the show going by putting the tea cup on the floor in front of Davey and kind of playing it all off.

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