Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Road Tripping

A few days ago we got back from 12 days on the road with our family of 6. It was a trip filled with family and friends (and not enough sleep!) We started our journey by flying to Chicago (Drew's first flight) and then driving 6 hours to Columbus to be with my family. Our kids are not the best road trippers, but thankfully the rental car people blessed us with a DVD player in our minivan and we picked up a couple of Redbox movies for entertainment.

Around hour 2 of 6 we stopped to go to the bathroom and got some drinks. We decided to go vacation crazy and let each girl pick out their own Gatorade. We warned them not to drink it all fast because we didn't want to keep stopping. By doing this we learned a lesson... do not give a three year old an entire bottle of Gatorade and expect her not to drink the whole thing. Within 30 minutes, Naomi had downed hers and then about 15 minutes after that was ready to stop for the bathroom again :) Thankfully she is skilled at peeing in the woods on hikes and so our roadside bathroom stop sufficed (we were in the middle of nowhere).

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