Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stock Show

Last week we visited the stock show (it comes to Denver every January for a few weeks). There are all sorts of interesting things to see and learn.

Cowgirl wanna-be.

Naomi spinning some colored wool.

The girls with one of the most beautiful cows I have ever seen (Naomi knew it would be stinky at the stock show so she was allowed to bring baba around to help her deal with her sensitivities to smell).

I mean it doesn't even look real.

Watching the bulls get their hair dried is a funny sight. These animals are washed, blown dry, trimmed, etc. No wonder they are so pretty!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Another book lover in the house...

Drew would rather eat books or pull them off the shelf than read them, but he still loves them!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Art Museum

Last week we ventured for our first trip to our local art museum. Previously, I hadn't thought of it a great place to take young kids, but it is!

Upon entering, we found a room full of stations where the girls could explore different kinds of paint.

They watercolored...

... drew with pastel crayons...

... added water to their pictures...

... and stamped with paint.

I loved this easel area.

They had lots of other areas throughout the museum with hands on activities for the kids, including making these birds.

And upon leaving I had to snap this picture. I am pretty sure my 10 year old self stood in this spot 25 years ago and took the same picture.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Almost two years ago, I came home from a walk around the block with my (entrepreneurial) friend and told Andrew about this great idea we had come up with. We had decided that our husbands should assemble a group of our girls friends and teach them basic soccer drills. We thought this would be a great way to save money (not paying for traditional soccer) and give our princess loving girly, girls some sports skills.

He somehow took that idea and started dreaming of a website. After a week of brainstorming with Erik, Chris and Dan (aka Pops), the idea had morphed into dadcraft.  Over the past two years, these guys have been working hard to develop the site and content, all the while refining their own dadcrafting skills.

This week the website launched. I am so proud of the work that has gone into it. I can honestly say, these three dads and one grandpa are some of the most talented, intelligent and dedicated men I know. Because we live in such close proximity, these men have organically sharpened each others fathering skills and as they say...

Fatherhood is too significant to wing it. Dadcraft is a guide to help you refine and develop your most important craft—how you father.

So go check it out. www.dadcraft.com  If you know a dad, pass on it on. And don't be shy to leave a comment or let the guys know what you think, because they are eager to learn from their readers!

(Disclosure: Really the jump from teaching the girls soccer skills to a dads website was huge, but I like to take at least some credit for this whole thing!)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Coupe Car and a Skunk

I have been struggling to get the girls outside on the warmer winter days because Drew is at the awkward stage. He desires to be mobile but crawling around on the cold and often wet ground isn't very fun for very long.

Last week I remembered that our Coupe Car has a removable floor for younger kids (so they don't drag their feet). I put the floor in and ta-da... Drew had a new ride. He loved it. And the girls loved pushing him in it.

Yes Naomi's helmet is on backwards!)

While outside we spotted a skunk. The girls were spread out on our cul de sac in a triangle formation and he was kind of in the middle. It was awesome and frightening at the same time. I ran to our house to get Andrew for reinforcements and in the meantime the skunk started heading toward Naomi, who was frozen. Skunks move a lot swifter than I had imagined.

In the end, the skunk decided that he should run under our neighbors deck and not closer to Naomi which we were thankful for. I was so bummed because I had my camera but didn't get a picture... I was so concerned with not getting any of us sprayed! But I did take a picture of the deck he ran under to remind us of our encounter with the skunk.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"Curly" Hair

Davey loves when her hair is "curly" so a couple of weeks ago I braided it before bed and had her sleep in it. 

Pre-bed head.

Morning look.

Happy girl.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Build a Bear

One of the girls big Christmas presents was Build a Bear. We gave them each a certain amount of money they could spend and they decided which animal, clothes, and features they wanted.

Meet Sweet Rose, Chelsea and Douglas.

Monday, January 04, 2016


It was a fun Christmas here. The girls were all so excited and so sweet as they opened each gift. Here they are sporting some of their stocking gifts (The Super Sparkle Barbie was Malia's gift to Naomi) before we headed over to Emmie and Pop's for under the tree gifts.