Sunday, January 17, 2016

Coupe Car and a Skunk

I have been struggling to get the girls outside on the warmer winter days because Drew is at the awkward stage. He desires to be mobile but crawling around on the cold and often wet ground isn't very fun for very long.

Last week I remembered that our Coupe Car has a removable floor for younger kids (so they don't drag their feet). I put the floor in and ta-da... Drew had a new ride. He loved it. And the girls loved pushing him in it.

Yes Naomi's helmet is on backwards!)

While outside we spotted a skunk. The girls were spread out on our cul de sac in a triangle formation and he was kind of in the middle. It was awesome and frightening at the same time. I ran to our house to get Andrew for reinforcements and in the meantime the skunk started heading toward Naomi, who was frozen. Skunks move a lot swifter than I had imagined.

In the end, the skunk decided that he should run under our neighbors deck and not closer to Naomi which we were thankful for. I was so bummed because I had my camera but didn't get a picture... I was so concerned with not getting any of us sprayed! But I did take a picture of the deck he ran under to remind us of our encounter with the skunk.

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