Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Almost two years ago, I came home from a walk around the block with my (entrepreneurial) friend and told Andrew about this great idea we had come up with. We had decided that our husbands should assemble a group of our girls friends and teach them basic soccer drills. We thought this would be a great way to save money (not paying for traditional soccer) and give our princess loving girly, girls some sports skills.

He somehow took that idea and started dreaming of a website. After a week of brainstorming with Erik, Chris and Dan (aka Pops), the idea had morphed into dadcraft.  Over the past two years, these guys have been working hard to develop the site and content, all the while refining their own dadcrafting skills.

This week the website launched. I am so proud of the work that has gone into it. I can honestly say, these three dads and one grandpa are some of the most talented, intelligent and dedicated men I know. Because we live in such close proximity, these men have organically sharpened each others fathering skills and as they say...

Fatherhood is too significant to wing it. Dadcraft is a guide to help you refine and develop your most important craft—how you father.

So go check it out.  If you know a dad, pass on it on. And don't be shy to leave a comment or let the guys know what you think, because they are eager to learn from their readers!

(Disclosure: Really the jump from teaching the girls soccer skills to a dads website was huge, but I like to take at least some credit for this whole thing!)

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