Monday, February 22, 2016

Picture Books

Our enthusiasm to read so many chapter books recently (see previous post) has caused a drop in the amount of picture book read at our house. This is most unfortunate for Naomi. We have seen her appetite for books increase so much over the last several months and we definitely want to feed it, but have been struggling to make it a priority. While at the library recently, I decided to sign her up for the 1,000 books before Kindergarten program. This simple book log has been a great way to encourage Andrew and I to keep reading picture books to her.

And there are so many great picture books. It is fun to go back to some books that we loved with the older girls and it is also fun to discover new ones. A lot of times, the older girls like to listen too. And we have even enlisted Malia here and there to read a book to Naomi.

Side note: Naomi often hears parts of the chapter books we read to the older girls, but she is soaking up Star Wars unlike any other chapter books (I think this is because Star Wars is everywhere right now so she is more curious). She will randomly quote "Dark Vader" (Darth Vader) or talk about how "Baba Fett" (Boba Fett) is a bad guy (please note that "Baba" is what she calls her beloved sleep sack/blanket). Tonight she quoted Han saying "I got a bad feeling about this" and had us rolling.

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