Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Purple Loveseat and Chair

When we moved to Orlando in 2005, we did not have much furniture to fill our house (since we had previously been in a one bedroom apartment). Over the course of our first month there, Andrew's Aunt Bobbie kept finding us furniture - from garage sales and from friends. We were given an almost new purple loveseat and chair from a friend of hers who had just moved to town and didn't have space for it.

That loveseat and chair served us well for over 10 years, but last year started to tear and show signs of much love. We recently got some (new to us) couches and chairs and so had to depart with our purple friends. I was actually very ready to get rid of them until my kids started getting sentimental. Naomi was really sad as we waited for a family to come pick them up. So I asked the girls if they wanted their pictures in the purple chair (which I nursed and gave countless bottles in...sniff, sniff). It helped ease a little of their sadness.

And it was cool, because we found out that the family that we gave them to, turned out to be another foster/adopt family.

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