Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bike Riding

Since about December Naomi has been interested in riding a bike without training wheels. Desire and weather have kept her off of it here and there, but about a month ago she started trying regularly again (thanks mild winter) and over the last few weeks she has become a really competent rider!

She loves to ride around and around our cul-de-sac. Like swimming, it just brings out a unique part of her. It has been so fun to watch. 

Unfortunately, her bike (that I originally bought used for Malia, which got passed to Davey, which got passed to Naomi), wasn't holding up. So instead of putting a decent amount of money into it, decided to splurge and get her a new bike (as the third girl, not many things are new to her). And we didn't just get any bike, but a Star Wars bike! She loves it. Here she is cruising on it the day we got it.

Her riding means that all three of our girls have learned to ride without training wheels in the last 12 months! I guess there are some benefits to being the third child.

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