Friday, March 18, 2016


In the beginning of 2015, as we waited for another placement, I wrestled with God over my ability to care for four kids. I knew that He would provide me with the strength, wisdom, and endurance I needed if I sought Him.  But I also had this sense that God was going to have me seek help. I would tell my friends (and myself), "If we add a fourth child, I will get a house cleaner or a regular babysitter." But when Drew came into our lives, I didn't get regular help and I just kept pressing on. 

You see, as a control freak, letting others help is hard for me. In the fall though, I felt very overwhelmed. After months of being consumed by the stress and worry of moving, we were finally in our new home. And even though we moved just a few miles away, I felt like everything was different. It was also the beginning of the school year and I struggled to find a rhythm with homeschooling two elementary students while also caring for the needs of my toddler and baby. 

During that time, I called the preschool across the street to see if they had any openings for Naomi. They didn't and we were put on the wait list. I told Andrew I felt a peace that if she was supposed to go to preschool, there would be an opening sometime this year. Months passed. I got into a better rhythm with some things and probably became a little more accustomed to the chaos of life with four littles. But deep down, I knew that I needed help to meet the needs of my kids.

Then last month I got a call that the preschool had an opening. When that spot opened up, I felt released from the feeling that I have to do it all. She started a couple of weeks ago and has loved it.

At the same time she started, I started reading/listening to a book called The Importance of Being Little: What Preschoolers Really Need from Grownups. It is a long, but great read and it has been such an encouragement to me as I navigate what is best for Naomi in these years.

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