Saturday, April 09, 2016

Date at home

Naomi said she did not want to go to church last Wednesday night. Since Drew goes to bed pretty early I knew this would give some one on one time with her. I had intended on cleaning after Drew went to bed, but I resisted (which was hard for me!) 

We ended up playing Toy Story Yahtzee (her first time playing I think) while sipping on some hot chocolate. It was really fun to see her start to understand the game. I treasure one on one time with my kids like this which just makes me think that I need to put of cleaning more often!

When I was reorganizing and sorting and switching kids clothes last week, Naomi decided she wanted to wear this white sparkly dress. She hardly ever wants to wear a dress, so I was excited. It is fancy, but I delighted as she played outside in it and even spilled pasta on it, because I only spent a couple of dollars on it!

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