Monday, April 04, 2016


Davey had her first soccer game over the weekend. We signed her up to play a couple months ago and were diligent to find shin guards and soccer socks but kind of forgot to explain the basics of the game to her. So in the hours leading up to her first practice and game, we tried to cram in the basics (dribbling, passing, etc.).

I love this shot because it looks like she knows what she is doing. Reality is that most of the game, she was confused (self admitted), but again we take some responsibility for not prepping her better.

Coach Andrew with the team at half time. It is fun to see Andrew in this role and starting next week Erik will join him as assistant coach (or is it assistant to the coach?)

Cousin soccer players. When I initially asked Davey if she wanted to play soccer, she said no. When my follow up question was, "Do you want to play soccer with Graham?" she immediately said yes.

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