Thursday, May 05, 2016

Glue on coins

Due to a series of events and an awakening in my creativity, I am gearing up for a lot of arts and crafts this summer with the girls. We are starting slowly as I gather ideas and supplies. A couple of weeks ago we experimented with glue on coins.

When I was about Malia's age, I remember spending the night at a friends house and doing this. You color on coins with markers, add glue, let it dry (which took longer than I remember) and then peel it off.

Here are some of the final products. You get the impression from the coin as well as the colors you put on them. Pretty simple, cheap, and weird way to entertain your kids for awhile. 

The activity only kept Davey's attention for a short while the first time we tried it, but then the next day she asked to do it again so I am counting it as an overall success.

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