Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sticker Matching

I was recently trying to clean out one of the (many, many) random boxes in our house. This one was filled with stickers and misc art stuff. A lot of the stickers were picked over and I was thinking I should probably throw them out. But I hate to waste anything, so I was glad I remembered this little activity I had seen years ago. All you do is make a picture with stickers and then have your kids match it. Simple but fun.

 I started this activity with Naomi and we did these faces. It was really interesting to watch Naomi find matching stickers and to see where she placed them. I talked her through her choices a little bit, but tried not to overcorrect.

I also had Naomi spell out her name with stickers by modeling how I had done it.  Then the older girls wanted in on the fun so I made theirs more complex. Soon they were making designs for Andrew and I to replicate.

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