Friday, September 30, 2016

Month 1

On April 7, 2015 we got phone call about a little boy named Andrew who was just 10 days old. We were ready to meet him immediately, but had to wait until the next day because there was paperwork for the department to process. He was loved from the beginning and we immediately started calling him Drew to avoid any confusion!

Month 2


or Blue Steel?

Little man...

... big helper.

When we started suspecting his hair might be curly.

First attempt at getting a picture of the four kids together... that face!

Wearing Naomi's baba.

Mimi and Papa come to visit.

Playing around him.

Comb over?


Tummy time.

Month 3

Month 4


Mountain man.


Checking out the cows/ great photo bomb by Naomi.

4th of July parade.

Tummy time is getting more fun.

Sleeping through his first Dress Like a Cow day.

Month 5

During Drew's 5th month, we were in between houses and so we stayed two weeks with Emmie and Pops and two weeks at Alli and Chris's house.

First day of school.

Naomi reading in the crib with Drew.

Andrew and Drew.

This was at the point that we were not supposed to be cutting his hair (foster care rule). It was pretty awesome!

Davey took this picture (her foot).



Grasshopper hunting with daddy.

Sweet snuggles with mama.

Month 6

Tell us how you really feel about that hat!?!

One foot up.

Mimi and Papa visit.

Ponytail or man bun?

Playing with sand under an umbrella.

Trying rice cereal.

Bucket head.