Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Three weeks ago, just 48 hours after returning from our trip to Ohio, we welcomed 17 month old "R" into our home. She has been a sweet and (relatively) easy addition to the family. When we said yes, the thought was she would be with us for a month or two while they approved family out of state to take her.

The kids are all doing great with her and she has adjusted to us. I would say it is about as ideal as it can be. And yet it is such a broken situation; these situations always are.  Little ones have to be taken from their unsafe, yet familiar, lives and are thrust into ours.  New sights, new smells, new norms. I can't imagine how they process it all.

It is such a privilege to care for these little ones and yet there are a lot of times when I feel overwhelmed by all of the needs currently in my house. Pray for all seven of us in the weeks to come.

The morning after she came, Naomi got out all sorts of toys for "R" to play with. It is a beautiful thing to watch your children love on other children in ways you can't as an adult.

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