Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Back to four

Last week, we transported our foster girl, R, to her new home. After 3.5 months of waiting for paperwork, she was finally able to move to be with her forever family. It was an emotional few days as we decompressed and processed the time with her. I am so thankful that I have developed a great relationship with her new mom, so I have already gotten updates and pictures of her.

By the end of our time with her, we were feeling pretty worn down. She was sick most of the time she was with us and she was dealing with the effects of neglect and trauma. She and Drew were just a couple of months apart in age and grew really antagonistic by the end which was exhausting.

I love this picture below because it shows just how crazy life with two toddlers is.

Even though the littles didn't want to cooperate, Naomi was all ready to pose. Here she is with her overnight stuff including her Chewbacca pillow and sleeping bag. Please note her tucked in shirt and double bows (both her ideas). In the second picture she turned around so she could pose like Chewy (also her idea).

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