Wednesday, April 26, 2017

DR Day 4

On Day 4, we ventured out on the lagoon right by our houses in canoes.

This is the house that Alli and Chris stayed in (with our trusty rental van parked next to it)...

And our family stayed in the right side of this unit which was right next door to Alli and Chris. In the courtyard (on the other side of that fence) was where our pool was. It was such a great set up for us.

Drew did not like the canoe ride because he had sunscreen in his eye. 

I ended up having to do laundry by hand which really made me appreciate my washer and dryer (especially with a family of 6!)

Naomi used some down time to work on this puzzle.

Unfortunately Davey got sick this day. Thankfully it was short lived and she was the only one who got sick. This afternoon, I stayed back with Davey while the rest of our crew went to the beach for pizza.

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