Sunday, April 30, 2017

DR Day 6

Driving around Cabarete was always an adventure. Andrew did it masterfully even though each day seemed to throw a new challenge (roads closing, narrow detours, etc.) As we set out to adventure out on day 6, we had to wait quite awhile for a garbage truck to load up because there was no room to go around it.

Once we got past the garbage truck, we enjoyed a nice ride out of town and slightly into the mountains to visit Monkey Jungle, a preserve for rescued monkeys.

We were able to feed the monkeys... some in our group enjoyed it more than others!

They also had several rhinoceros iguanas there which Des (and I) loved watching.

They workers had warned us not to bring in anything loose while with the monkeys but no one thought about pacifiers. Just before we about to make our ascent out of the monkey enclosure, one came up to Abe and took the pacifier from his mouth!

It was fun to see more of the lush, green mountains of the DR while there.

For dinner we braved some rain to walk to a fantastic waffle place.

Here are some images from the walk back to our place.

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