Wednesday, June 14, 2017

RIP Chewbacca Fish

A few weeks ago, Andrew texted me and asked where Naomi's fish "Chewbacca" was. I did not really understand the question because of course Chewbacca was in her bowl. Upon careful examination I too concluded that indeed Chewbacca was not in her bowl. It took me a minute or two after that to spot Chewbacca dead on our stove. Apparently the poor fish jumped out and then flopped to her death.

We debated whether we should just replace it or if we even needed to mention it. In the end I thought honesty was the best policy. Namoi cried hard when she heard the news, but has done well with the loss. Just tonight, almost 3 weeks later, she asked me to tell the (funny) story about how I found Chewbacca dead.

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